Needs your kind noble help and support for social, welfare and humanitarian services to affected victims of the calamity of flood – Hit at uttarakhand.

       This NGO- Organization will work, help and support the people for their revival reestablishment and animate life. The organization will also help and support the temples Asharam ete. For their renovation and other works.

  In view of above , it is earnest,  appeal for Donation for above purpose

  Your sympathetic help and support will be highly appreciated.

   Please send donation in the name of Human Social Services, Ahmadabad by  A/C payee cheque or Draft.

Address : M-4 74/565 3rd floor, shanty nagar shopping centre,

                   Pragatinagar , Naranpura, ahmedabd-380063

                   GUJARAT  INDIA

WEBSITE  : humansocialservices.in

Email  :  humansocialservices@yahoo.com

MOBILE NO : 9376250052

Donation shall qualify for deduction under section 80G (5) of the INCOME – TAX  ACT


NOTE :  please give your full name ,address, Telephone number. Or mobile no, pan no etc, details.  


The Human touch is fully soft and giving good fellowship and hope, such generous, great and benevolent performance will find long way to go in social life and relations too. I strongly believe in courtesy and sympathy. I am interested to use up my life in kindly deeds. I never criticize any one. I believe in giving incentive in doing good. So I like to praise and dislike finding fault. I always go out and meet the people and try to find out needy persons. A journey of thousand miles begins with single step. Everyday make one man happy, in future, there will so many men happy. This is nothing but true vision of future hope. I am born for uplifting harmony, humanity, love, happiness and peace in human interest. I have devoted my life for social and welfare purpose and activity. Money should not be spent on luxury. This is mere wastage. The poor, helpless and deserving persons are to be fed by regulating expenses, every person should live life with a definite purpose, it is not for mere sensual and luxurious enjoyments. The effect of your good work will surely light up others life.

There are so many senior (old age) persons, who are helpless, seeking, weak, poor and handicapped and, who are living life without any protection safety security etc. Nobody is taking their care and give those help and support. There are old and feeble senior persons (man/woman) who are in need of our deep love, support, protection etc. Wealthy person should spare and donate money for afflicted human.

Human Social Services, Ahmadabad – ‘NGO’ ‘Public Charitable Trust’ is established for guidance, social services, legal and welfare services, arrangement of residence for senior citizens, physically weak, sick, needy lonely, mental retardation suffering, and multiple disable persons (male/female), children, and to make arrangements for medical treatments and medical treatments and medicines for them. Moreover, the necessary careful attention will be given to serve animals and birds. It is our duty to take care and to dignify every life. It is necessary to make arrangements for sanatorium and Resort places. The facts are such that large numbers of people are facing lots of troubles, hardships, poverty etc. Many people are suffering from starvation, serious diseases, despondencies, loneliness, there are handicapped, physically weak. Old aged persons (senior citizens-male/female), who need social, reasonable, domestic, substantial help or company or support. It is an equal duty to take care of animals, birds etc. Every human should maintain humanity and peace. There is a serious question of education, protection, unemployment, poverty, quarrels dispute, fighting (both domestic and general ), corruption, inflation and other, Children, women, youngsters and senior citizens(both male/female) are facing personal, domestic and general troubles, hardships and problems.

It is necessary to perform and to take effective social, substantial and reasonable care and to try to pay attention and to help needy persons. The objects and aims are to perform and to look after and to help effectively to get done any personal, legal, social and substantial work of everyone. It is necessary to take care and to help senior citizens (both male/female) physically weak and handicapped persons (children, male/female). It is equally important and necessary to take care and to look after and to give effective social, substantial, reasonable, domestic companionships, company, guardianship etc, to old and lonely persons (both male/female). It is very important and necessary to fight with certain serious diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer, T.B. etc. and to make arrangements for treatments and medicines etc. attempt, objects and aim shall be to serve and to help needy human and to establish Humanitarianism or Humanitarian society and to create and to form peace, dignity, happiness, progress and healthy, pure and clean atmosphere for Humankind. It is necessary to provide free legal aids. There must be moral courage, ethics, moral character and love, sympathy, and alliance with entire Humanity. This is a social, substantial and benevolent attempt and performance in the interest and benefit of universal human society.

Opulent and prominent Mr. Warren Buffets and Mr. Bill Gates have made very fair, genuine and modest appeal for donation to all rich persons (male/female) of India and also of the World. They have also requested to come forward and to make great part of amount of money, valuable wealth and property in doing good, benevolent, Charitable and welfare purpose, with the great pleasure, I senior citizen KRISHNAVADAN B. TRIVEDI, favor, support and appreciate their appropriate proposal.

I, the founder and president/ Managing Trustee of HUMAN SOCIAL SERVICES and Vice president of Senior – Citizens federation of Gujarat Pradesh, am prepared and ready to give Co-operation, necessary services and to take part in the work of the above said their proposal of Mr. Warren Buffets and Mr. Bill Gates is very kind sympathetic, humanitarian, thoughtful and noble. I like to say that they have given shape and support to my desire and feeling.

I will try to contact rich persons (male/female) living in India and also living outside India (NRI) for help, support and contribution. I have full faith and confidence in our rich Indian persons. They are noble, generous, kind and co-operative. I will surely get fully support from them. Looking to ‘MOU’ favorable response in Gujarat state, I am of the opinion that all rich persons will be ready to help and support zealously, I will be pleased, if I would get an opportunity to contact or to meet Mr. Warren Buffets and Mr. Bill Gates.

Noble, qualified, qualitative and efficacious persons (male/ female) of India or of the world having high reputation, public regard and good personal character in the society are giving their honorary effective social services. We are interested in taking such services from valuable and competent persons (male/ female) living in India or elsewhere in the world and it is our invitation.

At the age of Seventy six (76) year, I , the Senior citizen, am living life in good fellowship and good humors and trying to make good for everyone. It is very good, true satisfactory and sound way of living joyful life. I am not in need of gold because I am living golden life; I want friendship, love, happiness and peace. These are my helpful instruments to get spiritual heart to heart connection and communication with people of the world. It is nothing but true result of my heartstrings for all.