The Human touch is fully soft and giving good fellowship and hope, such generous, great and benevolent performance will find long way to go in social life and relations too. I strongly believe in courtesy and sympathy. Iaminterestedtouse up my life in kindly deeds. I never criticize any one. I believe in giving incentive in doing good. So I like to praise and dislike finding fault. I always go out and meet the people and try to find out needy persons. A journey of thousand miles begins with single step. Everyday make one man happy, in future, there will so many men happy. This is nothing but true vision of future hope. I am born for uplifting harmony, humanity, love, happiness and peace in human interest. I have devoted my life for social and welfare purpose and activity. Money should not be spent on luxury. This is mere wastage. The poor, helpless and deserving persons are to be fed by regulating expenses, every person should live life with a definite purpose, it is not for mere sensual and luxurious enjoyments. The effect of your good work will surely light up others life.

There are so many senior (old age) persons, who are helpless, seek, weak, poor and handicapped and, who are living life without any protection safety security etc. Nobody is taking their care and give them help and support. There are old and feeble senior persons (man/woman) who are in need of our deep love, support, protection etc. Wealthy person should spare and donate money for afflicted human.


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